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SoaringNV’s 2016 Cross Country Clinics are meant to further your personal cross country skills. Individualized instruction based on your current experience will include small group instruction, or individual instruction where appropriate. Unlike the ‘camp’ format, you will have a glider and an instructor assigned to you for the day. You may come for as many or as few days as fits your schedule. We do expect you to arrive at camp proficient in the basics of flying. The clinic will hone skills such as: centering thermals, reading the sky, speed to fly, cross-wind landing, land-outs, weather forecasting, and flight planning.

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  • February 13, 2017
    BY PERALDI François-René

    I’m a French glider (~2600 fhours) and motorcraft pilot planning a trip to the Western America on the next september.
    First I planned to fly 4,5 months with my own Ventus 2xt, but it’s too “delicate” to fly without crew on ~12 locations, and more difficult to get an American licence . I have still some sightseeing in National parks with my wife.

    However I would like to fly with a twoseater glider in Minden and with a local pilot of light motorcrafts (PA 28, C…185, …) in Page (AZ). For Minden, I ‘ll call you to take an appointment.
    Could you give me contacts with association of airmen owners, local clubs or fly academies in Page ? I did’nt find this type of contacts on the web.

    Best regards
    François-René Péraldi

  • February 17, 2017
    BY Ken Knecht

    My name is Ken Knecht from Alaska. I have a chance to spend a few days mid next week to get some flying in. I currently fly a ASH26E in Alaska. I’m also a commercial pilot flying a super cub and C185.
    I would like to book some dual time flying, please contact me if this is possible.
    Ken Knecht 907-441-5418

    • March 9, 2017
      BY Laurie Harden


      I just left you a message. Please give the office a call at 775.782.9595 and we can get you on the calendar. We are waking up from a long and snowy winter here in Minden. The days are getting longer and warmer–all the gliders will be out soon…..


  • February 22, 2017
    BY Harding Rome

    I am interested in a Cross Country Clinic in advance of Wave Camp, preferably with the legendary Mike Brooks. Can this be arranged? Cost?

    • March 9, 2017
      BY Laurie Harden

      Mike Brooks will be back this summer but we have not yet set specific dates for his return. Do you have some dates in mind? We can plan around YOU…..

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