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Our Glider Rides Belong on Your Bucket List

You may not know it, but you need to come out and see us at the Minden-Tahoe airport so you can go for a glider ride. Nestled away in the gorgeous Carson Valley, at the foot of the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains, there is no better place to experience the thrill of being pulled into the air by our awesome tow planes, before cutting lose and soaring above the majestic mountain ridges in a glider, with only the sound of the wind under the wings, and conversation with one of our knowledgable, and experienced glider pilots.

You want a view? We’ve got the best views, seven days a week, year-round. Why not go up in the Spring, soaring over the scenic and vibrant Carson Valley to see the snow peeling away from the Sierras, revealing the bright green forest of trees in the Tahoe Basin, surrounding the startling, clear blue of Lake Tahoe. Or maybe Summer is your jam, and you want to leave the heat behind with a cool ride up to ten thousand feet, where you can chill in thermal or ridge lift, taking in the incredible view of the mighty mountain and desert scenery. Don’t forget Fall, when the leaves are changing color, and you can see beautiful slashes of color all around Lake Tahoe and the Carson Valley, with Aspens, Maples, Scrub Oak, and a variety of other trees putting on a natural firework display.

And definitely keep Winter in mind, when you can go up after a fresh snow fall and see the Sierras under a blanket of pure white, stretching across the ridge tops, creating s striking contrast against the vibrant Tahoe blue.

Each of our instructors is a experienced veteran, with thousands of hours of flying time, and thousands of flights. And once you’re off tow, if you want to take the stick, our instructors will demonstrate for you the basics of gliding, and give you that amazing chance!

What could possibly be better than going for a glider ride? Going for a glider ride with a friend, family member, or spouse! That’s right, you can bring a friend! For only a little more in cost, you can go for a two passenger ride in our 2-32, the only glider ever designed to take more than one passenger. Share the fun, the excitement, and the views with a loved one.
While we do our best to accommodate walk-ins, we definitely recommend booking and reserving a flight in advance, as our schedule is often full. And if you’d like to give the gift of soaring to a friend or loved one (which, go you for choosing an amazing gift), we can absolutely help you purchase a gift certificate, good for the experience of a lifetime.
Instead of adding items to your bucket list, take this opportunity to book a glider ride, and cross one off.

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