Big Sky

On the Soaring Nevada Big Sky Ride you'll enjoy a beautiful view of the Carson Valley and the surrounding mountains.  You'll see beautiful scenes (possibly wildlife) off to the west, fall colors in the Sierra Nevadas during the fall season, and snow capped mountian tops in the winter.   Be sure to bring your camera to capture magnificent landscape from 3,000' above the ground.

25 min*
Max combined
weight: 350 lbs

Tahoe Sky Ride

Whether you are looking for a gentle, peaceful ride, or a little excitement, we've got a big, huge sky with your name on it. Take our Tahoe Sky Ride motor-less flight over the Great Nevada Basin - a mile above the ground, for a breathtaking view of Lake Tahoe. For 45 minutes or more, you can sit back and relax or get in on some action. You can even have your FAA-certified ride pilot guide you through taking control of the glider yourself. You'll have the ride you want, memories worth sharing--and a keepsake photo to prove it.

45 min*
Max combined
weight: 350 lbs

Emerald Bay Adventure

You’ve seen it from the road. You’ve seen it from the water. But you haven’t seen Emerald Bay until you have seen it from the air. Take this deluxe ride over the casino corridor, past the Tahoe Keys, over Desolation Wilderness and the spectacular Emerald Bay. Edited video of your flight included in the price.

1 hr*
Max combined
weight: 350 lbs

Cross Country Adventure Day

Get your cross country skills in shape for 2015. Purchase just one day, or stack a bunch together. Your flying day includes: individualized ground school, flight planning, and prep, parachute, data logger, oxygen, cannula and use of a Duo Discus glider - with one of our instructors of course.

Max weight: 220 lbs

Tahoe Wild Ride

Looking for a thrill? Experience loops, rolls, and inverted flight on the Tahoe Wild Ride.

30 min*
Max weight: 220 lbs

*All ride times are approximate, actual time depends on weather and sailplane being used.


Capture your experience with a wing-mounted video camera. SoaringNV will then edit the footage to provide you with a short video (approx. 10 minutes) on a DVD. You will also get all of the raw footage on a memory card.


If you would prefer to edit your own video, we can provide you with the raw video footage on a memory card.