SoaringNV uses several different weather sites for sources of information on current and forecast conditions. Take a look at these below:

Aviation Weather Center

The Aviation Weather Center delivers consistent, timely and accurate weather information for the world airspace system.

National Center of Atmospheric Research

The National Center of Atmospheric Research provides real time data.

Weather Wunderground

Weather Wunderground provides temp, winds, sunrise/set, and a forcast for the next couple of days. 


For an animated radar and satellite composite of northern California, Nevada and Utah over the past several hours, try

Western Regional Climate Center

Western Regional Climate Center’s Desert Research Institute provide weather stations for the Minden area.

SFSU’s Jetstream Site

For a 300 Mb Jet Stream analysis and forecast, try SFSU’s Jetstream site:

What you should look for here is the jet stream flowing perpendicular to the border between California and Nevada, right where that border takes a 45 degree bend to the east (right on Lake Tahoe).


Further jet stream analysis is available at

Look for wind speed and direction where the 120 degrees west longitude line intersects the 40 degrees north latitude line. The tell-tale 45 degree state boundary line is just below that point. Wind speeds over 30 Kts and directions between 210 and 310 are indicative of mountain wave conditions.


Many soaring pilots use Skew-T soundings for information on strength and height of lift, based on balloon soundings.  A good Skew-T source for the Minden area (actually, from Reno) is available at from


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