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Duo Discus

When the sun is only an hour above Job’s Peak and you’re still 30 miles from Minden at 12,000′ MSL, you’ll appreciate the high performance and sleek finish of our Duo Discus as you settle into final glide for home.  Or when you’re towing out to the Pine Nut Range in the middle of the morning, sniffing for those first hints of lift at the foot of Mt. Siegel, those long wings will get you away from the Carson Valley and on course for a Diamond distance flight while the others are still struggling over the alfalfa fields.

Yet for all its high performance the Duo Discus is not a difficult glider to fly.  You’ll appreciate that fact as the kilometers pass quietly under your wings and the hours stretch out.  SoaringNV chose the Duo Discus as a two-place cross country trainer because it gives you performance with safety and good handling.

Our Duo is equipped with a modern LXNAV V3 audio/speed-to-fly variometer, and has a 12V/USB power socket so that you can power your own navigation equipment (Oudie/PDA/iPad).

If you’re already comfortable with a single-seater but not familiar with the landmarks or sources  of lift around Minden, take a day-long flight with one of our cross-country instructors, then jump into the LS-4 or Discus B on another day to try your hand at a solo flight for hundreds of kilometers.  You’ll be amazed at the ease of transition from one ship to  the other, and thrilled with the fantastic performance of this  very special sailplane.

Rental prerequisite: 100 hours PIC in fiberglass glider with L/D > 34:1.

Duo Discus X


For more information contact SoaringNV at 775-782-9595

Duo Discus DDX, N517DDX is kitted out with the best instruments, including a ClearNav computer, with both stick mounted and a remote controller.  The features of the X model make it ideal for training and cross-country flight:  winglets, retractable landing gear with more ground clearance than older models, flaps attached to the airbrakes, landing gear controls front and back.

Rental prerequisite: 100 hours PIC in fiberglass glider with L/D > 34:1.


The ASK-21 is the standard by which two-place training glider are measured all over the world.  Built by Schleicher of Germany from the most modern of synthetic materials, the 17-meter K-21 is in current  production so replacement parts are readily available.  The glider is easy to handle and yet fully responsive so beginning and intermediate pilots get a good sense of the air around them and how to use it safely and efficiently.

SoaringNV operates two ASK-21’s.  They have both been outfitted with state-of-the-art communications equipment, including Mode C transponders so they are visible to ATC.   Both are also equipped with modern LXNAV V3 audio/speed-to-fly variometers.

You will not find more modern, better-equipped two-place trainers anywhere — an important consideration as you think about moving up to high-performance single-place sailplanes.

Schweizer 2-32

SoaringNV’s Schweizer 2-32 is an extra-nice example of an older glider that is in demand all over the USA as a ride glider.  The 2-32 is a gentle flier with good handling characteristics and the ability to carry two passengers in the rear seat — the only three-seat glider ever to go into production!

A word of warning here: the rear seat will accommodate two passengers side-by-side ONLY if they are average-size or less.  Father and pre-teen son (or daughter) make a perfect passenger load, as do husband and wife if each weighs less than 170 lbs and does not have long legs.  SoaringNV’s 2-32 was recently restored to like-new condition and is the snazziest 2-32 you’ll see anywhere!

Discus B


For more information contact SoaringNV at 775-782-9595

Schempp-Hirth Discus B is a Standard Class glider that combines easy handling with high performance without wing flaps. SoaringNV’s Discus B is equipped with modern LXNAV V3 audio/speed-to-fly variometer, and a quality communication transceiver and Mode-C transponder so the folks in Reno Approach will “see” you when you fly in our busy airspace.  The Discus B also has 12V/USB power socket so that you can power your own navigation equipment (Oudie/PDA/iPad).

Rental prerequisite: 20 hours PIC in a glider with L/D >= 34:1 or 20 hours PIC in fiberglass gliders.

Pawnee 250

The Piper Pawnee is a common sight at soaring operations around the world.  A no-frills workhorse with plenty of power to pull the heaviest of gliders into the air, even on  the hottest of summer days, the Pawnee also has good visibility (important when the sky is full of circling gliders) and a low stall  speed so it can tow the lightest of gliders at speeds that are comfortable for them.

SoaringNV’s Pawnee has been flying under the close supervision  of a meticulous mechanic for  the  past  year and is in the best of shape.  It has the powerful 260 HP engine (derated to 250 HP with the fixed-pitch propeller) and a retract reel for the tow rope so it will not snag fences and other objects, and so the towplane is ready faster for additional tows.  You’ll appreciate the extra power on hot days, especially if you’re carrying water ballast.


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